In the installation / performance Yes We’re Open, I made floral patterns on a roll of paper using fresh flowers and paint, making handmade wrapping paper. The choice for wrapping paper originated from the notion of owning - and operating - a shop as a mode for art production. Thinking of items that the shop would require it occurred to me that I would need wrapping paper - which was I suppose also a way to obfuscate the fact that I didn’t yet know what to wrap, i.e. what the shop’s actual product would be.
Making and distributing the wrapping paper was done as a performance in a workshop-like installation. Visitors to the exhibition could bring me items they wanted me to wrap. I would cut out the appropriate paper size from my roll and wrap the item, free of charge. The paper roll, with its cut-out shapes, then became some sort of record of the shop’s operation. Yes We’re Open was open during Spring Not Summer at Quartair and For I Know The Plans I Have for You at Nest, The Hague, 2016.
Yes We're Open (Nest), 2016
Photos by Jhoeko
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